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    I have an odd situation and I have been searching for an answer for months but cannot find any info. I have a 3gs on 4.2.1, with 05.15.04 baseband, and 6.4 Bootloader, but it is unlocked. I am not sure how this is and I would like to find out more about it to see if it is safe to move up to ios5 at some point.

    I had a 3gs that was on 4.2.1 but on an older unlockable baseband and did regular itunes syncs. My phone broke but was under warranty and apple gave me another 3gs but it was on the 05.15.04 baseband. I plugged it into itunes and told itunes it was my iphone and to sync my old info to it. I jailbroke it as well with redsnow. And it is unlocked. I think that the itunes sync somehow passed on the unlocked state to my replacement phone. Either that, or it is factory unlocked which seems unlikely. I dont want to test anything for fear of losing my unlock.

    Does anyone know whats going on here? Thanks.
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    2011-10-17 10:13 PM
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    They could have given you a factory-unlocked one? They have those.
    2011-10-18 04:26 AM
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    Is there a good way to test that without possibly undoing the unlock?
    2011-10-18 08:44 PM
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    Nope. But I'd just do whatever you want with it. Worst case you can always flash on the iPad baseband.
    2011-10-18 09:38 PM
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    So I just upgraded my 3GS to an iphone 4 on 4.3 with 04.10.01 baseband and this phone works too after I restored form my old iphone sync. I think that I have somehow integrated the unlock settings into my iphone backup that I have been using for years since my 1st gen iphone. I wonder if I had a 4s and did a restore from my backup if it would be unlocked too.

    Is there anyway that this could be useful in finding iphone exploits? Should I contact the devteam and send them my info?
    2011-11-22 01:00 AM