1. Mitch_Taggart's Avatar
    i have an 8gb iPhone 3gs with the 5.0 Firmware, tethered yes, one day i accidently let the power completely drain and it shut off, no big deal, so i thought, i plugged it in, and did the whole DFU mode for RedSn0w(0.9.9b7 and tried 0.9.9b4) so it could boot, well, it went thought the complete process, got to the boot logo RedSn0w has with the pineapple or what ever, then it just keeps restarting, then back to the apple logo. And there is no way i can charge it (i think) while its stuck in this apple logo because it just drains it, idk if a low battery is causing this or what, someone please help me boot this damn thing! :'(
    2011-11-01 01:13 PM
  2. monkeydance's Avatar
    You are in tethered boot, run Redsnow with tethered you should be fine.
    2011-11-03 07:49 PM