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    I'm looking to restore my iphone 4, 4.3.3 due to some bug with Cydia. I've downloaded sn0wbreeze for 4.3.3, created a custom IPSW to preserve my bb. What would be the next step? Would I just go to itune and restore it using that custom made IPSW? Once I do that, would my iphone be automatically unlock as well? I am currently using TMobile with GEVEY sim.
    2011-11-03 07:34 PM
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    To verify you have SHSHs for 4.3.3 saved. Without SHSHs, restore to 4.3.3 isn't possible.

    Get TinyUmbrella, click Save SHSHs and see what it has. If it has SHSHs for 4.3.3, start the TSS Server in TU. Use Sn0wbreeze (iReb) to set device into pwned DFU mode. Then open iTunes (close it and re-open, do not have it opened while starting TSS server) and shift+restore to the custom firmware. You will end up preserving the baseband and still be able to use the Gevey SIM.

    If TU does not show SHSHs for 4.3.3, go download iFaith. Click Dump SHSHs.

    Complete guide here:
    HOW TO: Use iFaith To Save The SHSH Blobs Of An Unsigned iOS [Windows] | FSMdotCOM

    Then proceed as normal with the first set of steps I gave you (start TSS Server, etc.)

    Edit: actually now that I think about it, I have no idea if have blobs via iFaith works the same way as TU. I could be wrong on the second part of my response. Sorry if I am...hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
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    2011-11-04 01:42 AM
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    Thanks for the reply. I think i'll keep my semi-broken unlock phone as it is. I don't have any other phone to use if this one get locked up. The reason i want to factory restore is to reset all Cydia programs. Cydia begun crashing on me a few weeks ago. I uninstalled and reinstalled Cydia to fix it. While Cydia was correctly reinstalled, it never registered any of my jailbroken apps. Also, i can no longer download anything on the Cydia store. I just need cydia to get push-notification working on my iphone.
    2011-11-04 05:30 AM