1. tarheelwes's Avatar
    Hey guys looking for some help. I used to update and jailbreak/unlock regularly, but haven't done anything in forever. I have a 3GS running 4.01, with the 5.13.04 baseband.

    I'd like to know: what is the most recent, or newest, firmware that I can update to and still safely and easily jailbreak and unlock?

    Secondly...HOW Do I do this? Particularly the initial update? Do i have to build a custom firmware? Or just do a "regular" update?

    What about my baseband? Do I need to upgrade or NOT upgrade, or does it matter?

    Were the GPS issues I read about substantiated?

    Thanks for any help!
    2011-11-09 06:53 AM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    The current firmware is iOS 5, you need to create a custom fw of iOS 5 to preserve your bb for unlock. It will be tethered jailbreak if you have the new bootrom.
    2011-11-09 06:58 AM
  3. tarheelwes's Avatar
    Thanks iYeow, so i can go all the way to the new 5.0 and can still unlock? Would there be a tutorial on how I go from my current 4.01 to the new 5.0? How do I know if I have the old or new bootrom?
    2011-11-09 07:03 AM
  4. iYeow's Avatar
    2011-11-09 07:12 AM
  5. tarheelwes's Avatar
    Well I have the newer bootrom....now what do I do? I'm still confused about whether I can go all the way to 5.0 and still unlock?

    Edited to add: I have a pc.
    2011-11-11 08:45 AM
  6. tarheelwes's Avatar
    Just bumping this....still looking for a guide on how to update from my current version to 5.0 and still unlock.
    2011-11-12 02:28 AM
  7. iYeow's Avatar
    Too late now , apple is currently signing only 5.0.1 firmware .

    Now you have to create cfw of 5.0.1, put iphone into pwned dfu and restore to it.

    Use snowbreeze 2.8b11 or redsnow 0.9.9b8 (mac) to create a cfw of 5.0.1
    Put iphone into pwned dfu and shift + restore to it.
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    2011-11-12 06:58 AM
  8. tarheelwes's Avatar
    ^^ ok thanks. And the 5.01 is unlockable with ultrasnow?
    2011-11-13 02:43 AM
  9. iYeow's Avatar
    Not yet compatible with 5.0.1
    2011-11-13 06:28 AM
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