1. unicorn806's Avatar

    Bought this on ebay where it said it was unlocked and jailbreak, but still it was blocked for orange in France. Was given to someone who supposedly knew what they were doing and all they did was upgrade to 5.0!!! When I got it it was blocked all was erased and it had the welcome screen and nothing else. After several attempts I was able to jailbreak and now it shows the correct carrier, but still it always searches operator and will not load list of carriers. Which brings me to where I am now. If it shows the correct carrier should I not be able to use it? What should I do now?

    Steps I did:

    I loaded a custom 5.0 firmware which allowed me to access the phone and have Cydia etc.

    Downgraded to 4.1 but stil no luck since I am on BB 5.16.05

    I will not upgrade the baseband to 6.15.00

    But my question is if it shows correct carrier why can I not use it???

    thanks for any help
    2011-11-17 03:35 PM
  2. haissk's Avatar
    Unless you upgrade to BB 6.15.00 you will not be able to unlock
    But beware if it is a new model, people say that it might not work flashing ipad baseband and may lead into bricking of iphone
    2011-11-17 04:21 PM
  3. unicorn806's Avatar
    but if it shows correct carrier shouldn't it work without unlock?
    2011-11-17 04:25 PM
  4. haissk's Avatar
    so what is your problem now
    2011-11-17 04:59 PM
  5. unicorn806's Avatar
    it shows correct carrier but I still get no signal and it will not load carrier list
    2011-11-17 05:16 PM
  6. kissy's Avatar
    i think it can show the correct carrier without really being activated to that sim. getting no signal is a bad sign. for instance, i can put a simple mobile/tmobile prepaid sim in mine and simple mobile populates but i get no service or 1 bar. i have done a re-restore before on mine, put card in and activated it in itunes BEFORE jb and it worked like that without being unlocked. maybe try that?
    2011-11-18 01:29 AM
  7. unicorn806's Avatar
    what do I need to do before I try that? upgrade again to 5.0 activate and then jb? also I think I prefer to stay on 4.1 but not sure if that is best, if the phone works without any issues 5.0 may be fine.
    2011-11-18 10:34 AM
  8. kissy's Avatar
    you can shift+restore in itunes with a 4.1 ipsw. it may give you a 1015 error and if it does, just use tiny umbrella or if that doesnt work try RecBoot.zipand doubleclick on exit.bat to get it out of recovery mode and then put in your sim, plug into itunes and it will activate.
    2011-11-18 08:49 PM
  9. unicorn806's Avatar
    it did not work could not get it out of DFU after 1015 error if I use ipsw from apple, will only come out of DFU with custom firmware
    2011-11-20 10:54 AM