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    How do I activate my unlock again after a reboot. I'm using a Gevey Ultra Sim and my service provider is T-Mobile.
    OS: 4.3.3
    Baseband: 4.10.01


    EDIT: Device: IPhone 4 GSM

    EDIT 2:
    Still reply though I fixed it. I used this: http://www.besttechinfo.com/permanen...vey-ultra-sim/.

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    2011-11-23 11:42 PM
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    1. Make sure your Sim card and Gevey Sim are inserted
    2. Turn on your iPhone and wait for the Sim Welcome menu to show and then select "accept". In my case, the Gevey welcome menu is in Chinese characters.
    3. A 'no service' message will show on your iPhone, DO NOT do anything until you see one signal bar appears on the top left corner.
    4. Dial "112" and hang up within 2 seconds then end the call.
    5. Go to setting and turn on the Airplane mode then turn it off right away again. Your iPhone will show 'Sim failure' and then 'No Sim card installed'.
    6. Until the 'No Sim card installed' message shows up turn on and off the Airplane mode again. The 'Sim Failure' message will show and the signal will show up after a few seconds. Your iPhone can now be use again using your carrier.
    Hope this helps.
    2011-12-03 08:56 AM