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  1. zserik's Avatar
    i have bought an iPhone 4, locked. Any way to unlock it? I dont care if its tethered or untethered.
    iPhone 4 16GB
    5.0.1 (9A405)

    I`m a bit new in modifying iDevices, so is there a way to unlock it? Or downgrade to any other iOS and unlock then? I also read something about a specific SIM card, that would be OK too, i cant use my phone like this. And some sites are selling >Unlocking Kit< for $30 or so, does those work?

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    2011-11-26 01:20 AM
  2. giyang's Avatar
    No unlock. Sorry..
    2011-11-26 03:23 AM
  3. warz2k4's Avatar
    Apparently the 4.11.08 baseband is currently unlockable, and won't be coming out till couple months. I bought a used iphone 4 on ebay and made sure the baseband was less than 4.10 so I woudln't have that issue.

    You should sell your iPhone 4 on Ebay, and pray you get over $300 for it, and buy an unlocked iPhone 4.
    2011-11-26 07:42 AM
  4. zserik's Avatar
    So there is no way to downgrade it aswell? so i have to wait. i`m not going to sell it, it was cheap. i`ll wait for the new SIM card maybe it will help.
    Thank you all for answers.
    2011-11-26 12:45 PM
  5. hcgaloi's Avatar
    the "miracle" SIM to unlock 4.11.08 on IOS 5 and 5.0.1 is rumor to be out very soon. Google it for mor info
    2011-11-26 06:23 PM
  6. zserik's Avatar
    i can downgrade from 5.0.1 to 5.0? or its stuck also?
    2011-11-26 07:32 PM
  7. Simon's Avatar
    i can downgrade from 5.0.1 to 5.0? or its stuck also?
    Nope. No way to go to 5.0 anymore.
    2011-11-26 07:36 PM
  8. zserik's Avatar
    I see ... and miracle sim doesn`t work also... grr apple ) im changing to HTC
    2011-11-26 08:08 PM
  9. warz2k4's Avatar
    There a lot of limitations for apple. Miracle sim cost $63 USD , im not upgrading to 4.11 baseband till that **** is cheaper. I just paid 29 bucks for my gevey sim which works perfectly fine
    2011-11-26 09:13 PM
  10. iYeow's Avatar
    Wow, Miracle sim is so expensive and may not work. I wouldn't buy it.
    2011-11-26 10:37 PM
  11. zserik's Avatar
    I hope some1 will come out with a great idea next month... i want to get rid of my 3gs and use my iPhone 4 ... anyways, i can use it as iPod ) expensive iPod
    I will pay that $63 for unlock when its 100% sure working :P
    PS: btw it`s the same stuff with the 5.0 ? cause i have 2x brand new iphone 4 with 5.0 ... luckily from our country so there is a useable network, but i would like to unlock them...
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    2011-11-26 11:25 PM
  12. iYeow's Avatar
    Btw, you mentioned you bought it cheap, how much did you pay for it
    2011-11-27 05:49 AM
  13. zserik's Avatar
    260$, with it`s own screen protector, it is like 3 week old... if i unlock it and i want to sell, i can sell it for over $650 in my country.
    2011-11-27 11:40 AM
  14. iPNoob's Avatar
    Hey guys, I have a similar problem with an iPhone 4 iOS v5.0 BB 04.11.08.
    I want a confirmation on this: I can't unlock the phone even if I have an original AT&T sim card?

    On another note, I found this googling around for an unlock... Is this real? Does it work?
    Link: Unlocked iPhone 4 04.11.08 Baseband | Unlock All Phones
    (Sorry if it's wrong to post links to other sites, if it is, please edit the post and remove the link)

    Thanks in advance!
    2011-11-30 10:53 PM
  15. iYeow's Avatar
    You are already unlocked if your iphone is an ATNT iphone and you are using ATNT as your Carrier. Downgrading of baseband is only possible when apple was signing 4.3.3 to 4.3.5 but not anymore.
    2011-12-01 12:53 AM
  16. iPNoob's Avatar
    Sorry for not making that clear. I don't use AT&T as my carrier, as a matter of fact I intend to use the phone outside the US.
    So, right now there's no way I can make this work outside the AT&T network?

    Any idea if this is actually working?
    Unlocked iPhone 4 04.11.08 Baseband | Unlock All Phones
    2011-12-01 02:46 AM