1. Simon's Avatar
    I did this fix to the ultrasnow but didnt work, I did it twice and nothing, I cant unlock my iphone 3gs BB 6.15.00 with 5.0.1, can anyone help me please? I am downloading ultrasnow from another source since the ultrasn0w.com is not working can anyone help me?
    You do not need this fix anymore. The latest ultrasnow supports 5.0.1.
    2012-01-06 05:17 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    +1. I'll have to edit and unsticky this post when I get the chance. Ultrasn0w is now compatible with 5.0.1 with an unlockable baseband without any manual modifications.
    2012-01-06 06:53 PM
  3. alvintschoong's Avatar
    i have a iphone 3GS BB 6.15.00 ,i hv use the latest ultrasn0w 1.2.5 but dint work on my phone and i try Fix for Ultrasn0w on 5.0.1 and it keep rebooting my iphone.Can someone help me how can i fix it on?
    2012-01-19 08:15 AM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Please read Simon's post above mine on this last page. You should restore with a custom fw and unlock with ultrasn0w as normal. This fix isn't needed anymore.
    2012-01-19 12:25 PM
  5. alvintschoong's Avatar
    iim using custom fw create my by redsnow and ill hv install ultrasnow already but still cant get the network also.What should i do now?
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    2012-01-19 12:41 PM
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