1. customworksking's Avatar
    I was wondering if it will make it run faster if I update the FW and preserve BB so i dont loose JB and unlock if so whats the best way ? thanx!!
    2011-12-17 10:16 PM
  2. youngunner-2's Avatar
    It won't make it run faster. Honestly if you update firmware on a 3G it will slow it down. I wouldn't worry about updating fw on a 3G. But if you do decide to do so just update it through iTunes to the most recent. 3G phones can only be updated to 4.2.1 on iTunes and that baseband is unlikable and jailbreakable.
    2011-12-17 10:36 PM
  3. customworksking's Avatar
    ok thanx its my sons im going to sell it i converted over to droids unloading all my iphones
    2011-12-17 10:40 PM
  4. youngunner-2's Avatar
    Gotcha well I actually buy iPhones. How many are you going to sell and do you accept paypal? Send me a message or you can email me at [email protected]
    2011-12-17 10:47 PM
  5. customworksking's Avatar
    the 2 i have im waiting for a parts the 3g lcd has a few flaws so i got a new 1 on the way and I have a 16gb iphone 4 the goofball put a white screen on a black phone so i got a new black screen on the way it has a gun metal alum back running in iso 5 ..i'll hit u up after i get them to my standers ..
    2011-12-17 10:54 PM
  6. youngunner-2's Avatar
    Honestly man, the screen Change for the iPhone 4 sucks. The back however is very easy to change, I would just buy a white back since it is only 10-15$ and will take only a few minutes to install, not to mention most people pay more for a white iPhone versus a black.

    Also when buying an iPhone 4 screen make sure the digitizer Is also included. Unlike the 3G and 3GS the LCD and Digitizer are glued together, I haven't found a single person to successfully get them apart so you'll want to buy them as a set.
    2011-12-19 02:06 AM
  7. customworksking's Avatar
    didn't know that I just got the digitizer and trim ring .. it has a alum back but the home button is black guess i need all of it lcd,dig,with home button
    2011-12-20 04:24 AM
  8. youngunner-2's Avatar
    You will need the LCD/digitizer combo in black. As well as a black button+ribbon. You can do the swap without the ribbon but without adhesive I wouldn't recommend it. If I were you I would Just buy the white back bro, they are cheap, install process is removing 2 screws, and an all white iPhone 4 goes for more than a black one does.
    2011-12-20 05:09 AM
  9. iYeow's Avatar
    But if you only change the back to white, then you have two color tone... Black & White.
    2011-12-20 05:14 AM
  10. customworksking's Avatar
    yep the back is cheap and easy but it has a black frame on the back white on the front with a black home button i only paid 240.00 for it
    think ill sell it as is n let someone else change it if they like ebay it buy it now 250.00 done thanx after watching vid's I c how hard if at all the Dig can only b replaced
    2011-12-20 05:22 AM
  11. youngunner-2's Avatar
    But if you only change the back to white, then you have two color tone... Black & White.
    It's already two tone. The guy before him but a white screen on it but left the black back
    2011-12-21 03:18 PM