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    Hello friends I got iphone 3gs from usa and i have updated its new os to ios 5.0.1 after installation of this OS my iphone asks me to insert a valid sim card for further processing and is not allowing me to do any task on my iphone .

    The only thing my iphone is allowing me to do is registering its sim which is not possible for me because i dont have any valid sim.

    i don't know how to unlock this iphone now. can anyone tell me what should i do further to resolve this issue..
    please reply me.

    Please help me i am new in this forum!!!!
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    2011-12-19 07:10 PM
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    You can use latest redsn0w to hactivate your iphone, as to unlock you need to update to ipad baseband if your 3gs First 5 digits of your serial number is not after week 35 2011.
    2011-12-19 10:04 PM