1. selkatraz's Avatar
    Alright I have looked over every guide and every how-to and still have not been able to activate my iphone 3gs.
    All my internets to whoever can help me!-untitled.png
    These are the specs for my phone as of 2 hours ago. I have tried using redsn0w but it keeps taking me right back to the same setup screen while itunes is telling me my sim card is not recognized blah blah blah. My normal steps were
    1.start redsn0w and put iphone into dfu
    2. jailbreak (tried it with clicking deactivate and without clicking deactivate)
    3. it says its jailbroken but when my phone tries it it reads error at the bottom and then stops
    4. I boot tethered which just resets it back to the same f*cking setup screen basically putting me back to square one

    Now I've tried downgrade to iso 5.0 but itunes keeps giving me error after error so I am sick of that route.
    So could anybody please PLEASE tell me wtf I am doing wrong here?
    2011-12-21 04:33 PM
  2. selkatraz's Avatar
    All in all I basically just want to get past the activation screen for starters. I think once I can get past the activation stage I should be good, but I have never had to deal with the activation screen before so any suggestions/ideas? (PS If you say use redsn0w then go pound sand unless you got a step by step procedure because it hasn't worked worth a **** for me yet)
    2011-12-21 06:01 PM
  3. Murseman@sbcglobal.net's Avatar
    Put in an official carrier sim card- if you don't have one, maybe a friend. Then plug into iTunes. No hactivation required.
    2011-12-23 08:26 AM