1. stayin100's Avatar
    Alright, I received a dead iPhone 4 for 60 dollars today. It had been on T mobile, and came with a Gevey pro and Gevey ultra sim card.

    So without really thinking I just restored in iTunes then Jailbroke with SnowBreeze. Now I was stuck on a jail-broken iOs 5.0.1 with the 04.11.08 baseband. I was planning on just keeping it around until a new unlock came out, but then it stuck me. I fired up Tiny Umbrella and downloaded shsh's and low and behold it grabbed these following shsh's.


    Now, I should be able to jump back down to a older firmware and then upgrade while preserving my baseband while also jail breaking via the new Snowbreeze I have used to JB the iOs 5.0.1, then unlock iOs5 with the old baseband correct?

    I would like to get the phone to a Jailbroken / Unlocked state on iOs5.0.1 because I am thinking it will be worth the most in this condition. I would really like any advice you have to give me here.
    2011-12-27 06:38 AM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    $60 is a steal even if you can't unlock it. With all that being said on your post, you can downgrade / upgrade back to 5.0.1 but your baseband will stay at 04.11.08 and higher which means you can't unlock it at the moment.
    2011-12-27 09:17 AM
  3. stayin100's Avatar
    shoot, I was thinking a downgrade would downgrade my baseband as well, then I could make a custom ipsw and upgrade with that...

    A used AT&T 16 GB Black iPhone 4 is only worth about 200-250, I'm seeing unlocked ones going for 100 dollars more. I think I'll wait around for a few weeks and see if I can't unlock it.
    2011-12-27 05:57 PM
  4. drenline's Avatar
    Just do what I did, I was in the same boat as you a couple weeks ago. That baseband 04.11.08 BB is evil so I just gave up and joined AT&T's gophone prepaid service, at least I get to use my iphone 4 and don't have to sign a contract. That way, if a new unlock method comes out or if the next gen iphone comes out, I can leave this prepaid service and sign up for a contract without dealing with an ETF.
    2011-12-27 08:44 PM