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    I am having a problem with my son's phone. It is an iphone 4 running 4.3.3 with baseband 4.10.01, jailbroken with redsn0w. When I first upgraded it to 4.3.3, I had a difficult time getting it to unlock with the gevey ultra. It finally worked and was fine for about a week. Yesterday it just shut off and since then I have been unable to get it to unlock again. I have tried removing the sim, hard reset, toggling airplane mode, everything I can think of but with no luck. I cannot get it to unlock. I swapped his sim and mine and was able to get his sim to work fine in my i4 but mine would not work in his. Either sim works fine in my i4 but neither works in his. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    2012-01-02 12:42 AM