1. Pauln20's Avatar
    Hello, i was using newest redsnow to jailbroke iphone 3gs 8gb (05.16.05) and didnt know that i cant unlock it with this baseband, then i Anyway installed ultrasniw unlock (i know its stupid, it didnt workd) then i decided to chande baseband to 6.15.00 ipads, i used same Redsn0w 0.9.10.b1 for changing baseband, after everything was done it asked for itunes activation offcourse i tryed to turn on with itunes and i was getting error then device is not supported or something ( i dont remember sorry) and i decided to jailbroke again ( maybe it would atleast work with my old sim lol) after that wifi is gone, dont work. Phone dont show any baseband and turns off automaticly in2-3mins, please help me to fix this mess, thank you very much
    2012-01-03 07:41 AM
  2. Sasukekun77's Avatar
    Restore, if ur phone is ****** up like that just restart a new im not an unlocker so i dont know the specifics all i can tell u is restore
    2012-01-03 07:44 AM
  3. b0bab0i's Avatar
    Your phone is bricked.
    2012-01-03 08:10 AM
  4. Pauln20's Avatar
    Shid, i was hoping that is still chance to do something, but thanks for help.
    2012-01-03 10:12 AM
  5. drenline's Avatar
    U can't restore if u have that 6.15 baseband on there? I thought?
    2012-01-03 04:05 PM
  6. b0bab0i's Avatar
    U can't restore if u have that 6.15 baseband on there? I thought?
    When the phone shows no baseband, No wifi, No Imei code, it means the baseband has been corrupted. Same thing happened to me.

    Can you post the first 5 digits of the serial # for your phone pauln20?
    Anything with XX135 or higher, Apple changed some hardware inside and the baseband can't be upgraded to iPad BB.
    2012-01-04 02:28 AM
  7. monkeydance's Avatar
    Ur phon is brick. I think u can use as ipod idk bc i never face the trouble.
    2012-01-04 02:57 AM