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    Hello ModMyi!

    I recently purchased a new sim card because my old one needed to be replaced with a new one. The old one worked fine but I can't get the GEVEY SIM to work with the new sim card, it keeps giving me the "NO SIM CARD INSTALLED" message. I looked up a bunch of forums, they suggested to put a little bit of tape on the back of the Gevey Sim, they suggested to turn off the 3G network and reset the network settings, they suggested putting the sim card together with the Gevey Sim wile the phone was off and then turn it on but nothing works. I never get the "decline"-"accept" message nor the 0 bar network so I don't know what to do.

    I think it might be that the sim card was not properly cut, though I don't see any visible flaws on it. The sim card is brand new and I tried it out an hour after it was cut.

    Any help would be great. If you have apsolutely ANY ideas please post. Thank you in advance
    2012-01-03 04:51 PM
  2. Germanese's Avatar
    Try these.
    A lot of geveys run different software and Chip making them act slightly different in timing.
    So you have to adjust. Especially when new iOS firmware comes out. Your process changes a little bit.
    If you get no Decline and accept screen. try Airplane more on and off, then wait about 30 sec anything over a min is too long.
    After you accept, sometimes you get No Sim instead No service, Toggle airplane mode again that might fix that.

    If you notice in my videos when i call 112 or 888 it displays it as "Calling" not "Emergency Call" Gevey did only successfully activate if you see calling instead of Emergency Call. Just look at the videos and pay attention to my changes on the carrier logo after what i do.

    Hope this helps.
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    2012-01-03 05:36 PM
  3. Sitanoni's Avatar
    Thank you very much for the reply I will try this out right away. I hope it helps, but if it doesn't thank you anyway. I will post if it works.

    EDIT: I tried it but as soon as I turn airplane mode off it starts searching for a carrier and half a second later I get the "No SIM card installed" message. My last sim card worked great, but it seems that the gevey just doesn't seem to recognize the sim card at all. Whatever I do it just says "No Sim" on the status bar. I don't get "Invalid SIM" nor do I get "No service". I will keep on trying, but thank you anyway, any ideas help.
    By the way, I liked your videos keep doing more I'm sure they helped a lot of people.
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    2012-01-03 11:02 PM
  4. Germanese's Avatar
    So what ever you do you just get No Sim ?
    Does you sim card work on other phones ?
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    2012-01-04 01:27 AM
  5. Sitanoni's Avatar
    I know it's weird, but yes, that's all I get.
    I didn't try it out on other phones. I don't have any other phone that uses a micro sim card unfortunately. I'm just confused because the last sim card I used worked perfectly, I never had any problems. But this one just doesn't want to work. It might be badly cut, but it fits right in the gevey sim so I can't tell.
    2012-01-04 02:05 AM
  6. Germanese's Avatar
    Well i made a video what a Bad Gevey will do.
    But you have to check if that SIM works in another phone.

    You don't have a Micro Sim Adaptor ? Or make one out of cardboard for normal phone And try it out.

    This is what a Bad Gevey Does (I know its bad)
    Wont work with anything even what it was originally was designed for.

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    2012-01-04 04:34 AM
  7. Sitanoni's Avatar
    I don't think the problem is with the gevey cause my last sim card worked, but I will try to the sim card in another phone. Thank you for the replies, it really helps.
    2012-01-04 11:39 AM
  8. Germanese's Avatar
    No Prob let us know what's going on

    Might also help posting a pic of ur cut sim on how it is cut, people might be able to give you some advice.
    iPhone 4 Unlocked on T-Mobile | Motorola Verizon Razr M on T-Mobile | iPhone 5 Confused
    2012-01-04 04:50 PM
  9. Chula's Avatar
    Till u find out if ur sim works or not there's no way of telling which one it is
    2012-01-05 03:51 AM
  10. Sitanoni's Avatar
    Hey guys, sorry i haven't replied these days I was busy with the holidays.

    Yes you are right, I can't know witch one isn't working until i try out the sim card. I won't aks you to reply any more because it's just a matter of trying the sim out. Thank you very much for the ideas, they were very helpfull.

    I wish you guys a happy new year and all the best! Thanks again
    2012-01-07 12:15 PM
  11. aquaMICK's Avatar

    I unlocked the iphone 4S using this gevey ultra s and then tested it with my friends voda fone sim which worked fine. I gave it back to him and bought a new sim for myself and but now the phone is not recognizing it. I am always getting a No sim card installed message. Can someone help?
    2012-07-08 05:39 AM