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    Hi all,

    Let me first say i am not into this jailbreaking lark. Im very happy with my iphone being factory!

    However my friend brought an iphone 3g 2nd hand so the history of the phone was unknown. It was sold as working on o2 network (UK).

    It was on 3.1.3 but the phone started to become so slow and constantly lock up that he decided to try and update to 4.21 through itunes.

    This is where the problems began...and how i have been lumbered with trying to get this phone straight.

    After the 4.21 upgrade he was greeted with the 1015 error.

    I have googled, watched videos and i am ready to slam this thing up and down the floor!!!

    What i have done that seems to have got me the furthest

    1. Put phone into DFU
    2. Shift - Restore and selected 3.1.3 that i got from here: iPhone, iPod, iPad and Firmware/Software Download
    3. 1015 error again - left on screen with ITunes still open.
    4. Redsn0w 0.9.4 - browse - put in 3.1.2 firmware downloaded from above site
    5. Chose install cydia option
    6. Followed to end - it did its biz with hard drive picture then a pineapple on the screen of the phone
    7. Phone rebooted back into recovery mode (itunes logo and usb)
    8. Exited recovery mode with Tiny Umbrella

    Now phone just sits on apple logo.

    Can somebody please help me before this iphone dies a sorry painful death and i have to go tell my friend i lost my rag with the piece of **** that he brought.

    Thankyou so much in advance
    2012-01-05 04:08 PM