1. maxximboy's Avatar
    I just got replacement phone from Apple. and I need help(went through so many forums already). but little confused now.

    since I am t-mobil user I can't activate the phone right now. phone is in activation window.

    I am not even sure whether it has new boot loader or old. detail as follow

    Iphone 3gs

    iOS 5.0.1

    serial number : QR1529QUEDG(not sure its new old)

    I also heard about some new chip, if I apply iPad baseband it could brick the phone...

    any help where to start to get this phone jailbreak and Unlock?
    2012-01-22 04:52 AM
  2. MiaField's Avatar
    Can't unfortunately if I'm reading it correctly, It appears the phone was made during week 52 of 2011 (basically about 3 weeks ago)
    2012-01-22 05:13 AM
  3. i.Annie's Avatar
    Yeah you probably don't want to try putting the iPad bb on it. It could very well brick your phone. You could always sell your 3GS and buy another that has an unlockable baseband. Or one that wasn't manufactured so late so you can apply the iPad baseband.
    2012-01-22 05:23 AM
  4. maxximboy's Avatar
    anyway to get it unlocked?
    2012-01-23 03:06 AM
  5. b0bab0i's Avatar
    anyway to get it unlocked?
    Nope, sell the phone and get an unlocked one.
    2012-01-23 07:51 AM