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    Right, I have an iphone 4, AT&T (I'm in Ireland so I use gevey sim), wanted ios5 and heard that it was ok to upgrade as long as you preserved the baseband, was careful to preserve the baseband- 4.10.01, and after a bit of a kerfuffle, managed to upgrade to ios5, now I'm stuck at authentication on the itunes screen, how do I bypass/avoid this? I'm really stuck here guys, any advice
    2012-02-04 05:54 AM
  2. keenpois0n's Avatar
    use latest version of redsn0w to jailbreak and hacktivate, then you'll be good
    2012-02-04 12:30 PM
  3. Oodles's Avatar
    Thanks for replying! So I should use redsnOw 0.9.9b8?

    jailbroken with redsnOw 0.9.10b, how do I go about hacktivating it? Sorry, this should be my last question!
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    2012-02-04 03:44 PM
  4. keenpois0n's Avatar
    well, I'm not a hacktivator so I can't actually tell you anything from experience; just what I've read. but I'm pretty sure that when you jailbreak with redsn0w (and are unactivated) it should hacktivate it automatically.. there might be an option to tick when in dfu about to jb? (if it's there, it'll be under 'install cydia')
    2012-02-04 11:25 PM