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    Ok so I am new to unlocking. And I am not sure what is baseband and what it does. Basically I jail broke an iPhone 4 running 5.0.1. And I want to use my SIMPLE Sim on it. I won't connect it to iTunes to it after but can someone explain to me how to do it properly.

    I have no sim in it now.Do I have to buy Gevey Sim?
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    2012-02-10 01:53 AM
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    If its already on 5.0.1 it likely has upgraded the baseband. Unless you used a custom firmware to upgrade it to 5.0.1 from iOS 4. If not, you can't unlock it.
    2012-02-10 02:23 AM
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    Yup, another bites the dust. I still see this crap, people just don't know. I thought any iDevice was easily jailbroken/unlocked now. . . . . But that is not the case at all. Every new Apple device is not possible for a Unlock. Up to the iPhone 4 for for sure.
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    2012-02-10 03:47 AM
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    its unfortunate that you can took an ip4, upgraded to 5.0.1 and unknowingly updated the baseband to 4.11.08. prior to the upgrade to 5.0.1, all ip4 basebands are unlockable except 4.11.08.

    i see this happen a few times amongst some of my friends. i had a friend who was on bb 1.59 and upgraded to ios5.0.1 just minutes before i arrived at his house. then he asked me to unlock it

    iPhone 4

    Baseband Firmware Unlock

    1.59.00 4.0/4.0.1/4.0.2 Yes (Ultrasn0w)
    2.10.04 4.1 Gevey Sim
    3.10.01 4.2.1 Gevey Sim
    4.10.01 4.3.X Gevey Sim
    4.11.08 5.0/5.0.1 None
    2012-02-10 08:14 AM
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    It used to be easy to jb and unlock. The problem nowadays is Apple cracked down and some of the best devs haven't been around. They come and go, life calls. It is what it is.
    2012-02-10 01:46 PM
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    I think it is due to the fact that iPhones no longer have a need to be unlocked like they once were. But, jailbreaks still seem to be on the up & up.
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    2012-02-10 04:22 PM
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    iPhones are still popular with the desire to unlock. Many of the threads here I see ask about unlocking. The scene has changed, I don't think the demand has.
    2012-02-10 05:28 PM
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    Every carrier except for T-Mobile(in the US) has a iPhone.

    So, carrier unlocks are kinda useless. Yet a JB is must if you want your iPhone to do just about anything.

    Also if this 5.0.1 and baseband crap continues(which it looks like it will) it is damn near impossible to unlock a new iPhone.
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    2012-02-10 07:12 PM
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    We have a couple carriers a couple more carriers in Ohio that don't have the iPhone besides T-Mo. So I wouldn't say useless. People also travel abroad and ask for unlocks. Matter of opinion really. T-Mo users would beg to differ.

    Buying a factory unlocked gets pricey.
    2012-02-10 09:25 PM
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    The factory unlocked iPhone prices are insane. Close to 800. Geez
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    2012-02-10 11:01 PM