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    Help needed urgently….Please….
    I have a problem with the SAM thing. Here is what happened. I wanted push notification and imessage on my recently jailbroken iphone 4 which uses Gevey Ultra for unlock. So I installed the SAM and I started following the steps. I went as far as clicking the ‘Revert lockdown to Stock’ which gave me a successful message, then I was supposed to sync with itunes, but I tunes said that my sim was invalid and stuff but I was still using the iphone. So I tried again and again no luck. Then I thought it would be a good idea to uninstall the SAM thing and then I rebooted my iphone. Now just when the iphone is on, it says connect to itunes and makes me choose wi-fi networks. When I connect to itunes, it says, ‘The sim card inserted in this iphone does not seem to be supported’. Im living in Africa, so there is no way I can get the official sim card. What can I do please tell me. My iphone is unusable for now. Should I try to restore from a backup or something…?
    The phone is iphone 4, ios 5.0.1, Gevey Ultra unlocked, baseband 4.10.01, and was jailbroken.
    Please HELP!!!!!
    2012-02-10 12:03 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    You should do a full restore with a custom fw to preserve your baseband. Then I would highly suggest buying an official SIM card online and doing the activation with it. The whole SAM business seems to be something people run into problems with and I personally don't suggest it myself, as using an official SIM card is the best way to go IMO. But that's up to you. Restore, reJB, and try SAM again if you do not wish to purchase an official SIM card.
    2012-02-14 06:47 AM
  3. enque's Avatar
    Awesome, Thank u i.Annie.
    Like i said, im in africa, so i don't think i can get the official sim shipped here and also i doubt that it would work here.
    But i did exactly what u told me, and it worked!!!!!! I'm using my iphone now. Thanks a lot.
    Im staying away from this SAM thing, but im still unhappy by not having imessage and push. I heard there are apps for that, or they might be released after a while. If so, please tell me what apps i need to make it work.
    Anyways, Thank You very much.
    2012-02-14 09:29 PM