1. MJedi's Avatar
    Hello all,

    I have a 3GS that I got when it was launched and, unfortunately, had to install the stock iOS 4.3.2 on it last year. This meant the baseband was also updated to 5.16.02, which is unlockable. I'm now looking at unlocking it due to a trip. This means I need to install the iPad baseband. I know this breaks the GPS function, so I'm wondering, for those that have installed the iPad baseband on their 3GS, do you miss the GPS? Does it totally break any functions or apps that require the GPS? Looking for your opinions and experiences. Thanks.
    2012-02-21 07:16 PM
  2. scatman's Avatar
    When I had my 3GS it was fine, I still had GPS too and everything.
    2012-02-21 09:01 PM
  3. RochOAR's Avatar
    I unlocked mine to get on tmobile. The people who say they still get GPS on iPad baseband don't know the difference between assisted GPS that use cell tower triangulation (such as the maps app and location services) and true GPS using an app such as Navigon. I personally do not miss GPS. I say go for it if I need to. However note that the main pain in the *** is when u want to upgrade firmware you have to jump through the custom firmware hoops. You CANNOT restore using stock firmware.
    2012-02-22 02:02 AM