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    Good afternoon, (ye, i'm from holland)

    Like I said, I'm from Holland, so my English isn't that great.

    I've got an iPhone 4S here, who needs to be activated.
    I got it as a present from my uncle, but I think he didn't got the phone legally ..
    There was an Vodafone card inside, which was blocked, so I couldn't use that card to activate the phone.
    Bought an Vodafone prepaid card here in Holland, but that also didn't work; I got the message about 'only compatible sim cards from a supported carrier.

    Now my question to you guys is, is there a way to know what the provider is, so I can activate the phone with a SIM card from that provider. Or is there a way to activate it without the SIM card?
    Also tried to jailbreak it with Absinthe and Cinjector, but the phone needs to be activated to make this work.

    Or do I just need to wait till there's an 4S redsn0w jb? So I can activate the phone through redsn0w.

    Thanks in advance, and once again, don't look at my English!
    2012-02-26 01:38 PM