1. kachijs's Avatar

    So here is my problem. I bought iphone 4 with Gevey supreme (at the start i didnt know much about these unlocking cards) but now i know it was a fake card that actually worked, but i had some problems:

    When my 3G network was on i could not receive calls nor sms. If EDGE is one i have no problem.
    Sometimes i just could not make a call (but i could receive call) When i turn on flight mode and turn it off all was back to normal.

    So i came across ApplenBerry Gevey Ultra SIM card. So i thought if mine gevey supreme was fake the legit one will fix problems that i had.

    I received my gevey but still problems remain. When 3G network is on i cannot receive calls
    Second problem (that seems to be resolved by legit card).

    my fw 5.0.1 , mdm fw 04.10.01
    2012-03-27 11:31 AM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    My buddy had the same firmware at work and his works flawless. Don't know whats up with yours. May have got a bad card?
    2012-03-27 01:20 PM