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    Hello all

    I have an old 3GS that I've never worried about unlocking before, but now I have a 4S and "donating" my 3GS to the Mrs, I wanted to check I have my facts right before I attempt to unlock it.

    3GS 16gb
    iOS 5.0.1
    Model: MC131B
    Serial starts 5K026AB (Week 26 of 2010?)
    Already Jailbroken

    Now, from what I understand....

    Using Redsn0w, direct it to a stock iOS 5.0.1 IPSW and click Jailbreak.
    Select only the option "Flash iPad BaseBand" (which will be
    Let it reboot and then download the latest Ultrasn0w in Cydia

    For a lot of research seems like very few steps now I've typed it out

    Also, I believe I will lose GPS functionality doing this, is that right? Small price to pay to upgrade her old Nokia something to an iPhone but is this something that could possibly be changed in the future?

    Sorry this question has been asked to death, but just wanted to make sure as I've always had Jailbreaks, but never unlocks so my knowledge there is a little rusty.
    2012-03-28 09:39 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    It's mostly correct. Losing GPS is not the only side effect to using the iPad baseband though. The device will forever be required to use custom firmwares, which means it will never go stock again. This poses as an issue for future updates if new jb tools capable of creating custom firmwares are not released, meaning the phone can't be restored to new firmware updates. The phone also if it doesn't have SHSHs would be forced up to the newest fw version but again (if say the phone freezes or gets stuck in a boot loop), if no custom fw's can be made for it, the phone is stuck.

    Aside from all the little details of that, just make sure you save SHSHs for the device so that you can restore to the current fw version or whatever fw version you have SHSHs saved for. Then you don't have to worry about custom firmwares and all that business.

    I doubt this ipad baseband side effect business will be resolved in the future, but I could be wrong.
    2012-03-28 08:42 PM
  3. kaepora's Avatar
    Many thanks! That answers pretty much everything

    I jailbroke the phone out of the box, and have blobs for each update since then.

    Does this mean that I can downgrade the firmware, even to stock firmware whenever? Or will it be custom firmware only, and a permanent loss of GPS? I know the BB can't be downgraded, but not sure if this is what directly effects the GPS
    2012-03-29 01:23 PM