1. daniel0000's Avatar
    Hi guys

    I received a locked iPhone 3GS A1303 off a friend of mine who is no longer using the phone as he has updated his plan.

    Now, to unlock the iPhone, Its got iOS 4.3.3 installed with a base band of 05.16.02 , where this baseband it is not covered for the unlock tutorials I found online, unless I update the baseband to the iPad baseband which is something I do not want to do as you lose the GPS on the phone.

    Just wondering what my next step could be to unlock the iPhone ? Should I update it to 5.1 and then unlock the phone ?
    2012-04-02 08:41 AM
  2. Susty's Avatar
    To unlock it?? Pay the carrier to have it unlocked if you can... Otherwise your tied to that carriers network, & depending when it's produced... You might not be able to install the iPad baseband even if you wanted to.
    2012-04-02 12:27 PM