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    bought a iphone 3gs 16gb from ebay with a no service problem,

    did research and flashed with iPad baseband 6.15.00 with redsn0w.

    unlocked with ultrasn0w and works fine apart from the battery draining,
    which i know is a common fault with flashing the baseband.

    I have upgraded to ios 5.1 was on 5.0.1 and it does the exact same battery draining.

    read up about subscriber artificial module installed and did what the instructions said and
    has the same no service problem that was at the start.
    the iphone model is before the 35 week mark.

    with ultrasn0w the unlock works fine but the battery drains really fast.
    No battery drain with subscriber artificial module but no service.

    any suggestions?

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    2012-04-02 07:19 PM
  2. stargtsi's Avatar
    I bet just a bad battery I have a 3GS unlocked the same way and works fine
    2012-04-03 08:10 AM
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    I bet just a bad battery I have a 3GS unlocked the same way and works fine
    That's what I thought but I have replaced the battery in the iPhone because with the old battery the power kept cutting and the phone would just die so I replaced the battery with a new one and it is draining all the to
    When on wifi I know this is because of the certificates but subscriber artifici module doesn't work. This is because the phone needs to be activated with reds now with the iPad baseband but when I use reds now to deactivate the phone I cannot use the phone cos it goes to factory restore wanting to. Be actIvated but I cannot access Sam via cydia

    Any suggestions
    2012-04-03 04:16 PM