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    Hi, I have an iPhone 3G with BB 6.15 and I was wondering how I can get 2.2.1 (or any version of iOS 2) on the phone and have it unlocked. I managed to get 2.2.1 on the device using a custom firmware made in PwnageTool (I believe this was to bypass the BB/bootloader check?). That worked fine but when I tried adding the yellowsn0w repo I got some NODATA error. Is there a was to install yellowsn0w without Cydia? Or a way to unlock it without yellowsn0w, perhaps a custom firmware with everything I need? I looked into the NODATA error and it seems like a lot of work to POSSIBLY get it up and running. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    (I realize 2.2.1 is very old but I literally don't care about apps. When I installed 2.2.1 I was amazed by how fast it was and I want it to work that way! 3.1.3 simply isn't as snappy as it should be).

    PS. Running OSX Lion!

    EDIT: Would ultrasn0w work since it has the proper baseband? Or does it require iOS 3?
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