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    So a friend gave me their messed up 3GS to help them try to fix. All they told me was that the phone had iPad BB installed on it and it wouldn't start, stuck on charging loop.

    I put the phone on pwned DFU and installed a No_bb 5.1 restore onto the phone. Then used resn0w again to install cydia & iPad BB.

    Boot tethered the phone and now the phone has Wifi & Bluetooth greyed out, but the odd thing is that its showing the IMEI & Modem firmware. Anyone else ever deal with a problem like this? I've come across phones that had WiFi & bluetooth greyed out but the IMEI & Modem firmware were blank for those phones also.

    This one is somehow still showing IMEI and Firmware as 6.15.00.
    2012-04-24 10:27 PM