1. Shazaan's Avatar
    Seriously need help, i don't know whats gone wrong...
    Basically, i installed SAM, and did what i should've done, and it worked fine, i was able to get texts and calls, could use 3G, the whole deal. But then it crapped out, i don't know what happened, but it just wouldn't show any bars anymore. It shows the 3G sign, and i can use 3g, like browsing the web and other internet dependent apps, can even use cydia. But i just cant send/receive texts or calls. I then upgraded my firmware up to 5.1 no JB (i was running 5.0.1) and it worked, like I could activate my phone, i could make calls and texts, again i had everything working perfectly. But then i jail broke it, and its gone back to the old problem, i can use the internet but nothing else. I don't know what's making it crap up. Someone please help.... i need a phone :S
    2012-04-25 08:06 AM