1. Total_Noob's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Long time observer, first time poster. I have an iPhone 4S that I want to jailbreak. It's modem firmware is 2.0.12 and it's version 5.1.1. I read the modmyi Jailbreaking guide and it says that in order for me to jailbreak it my phone must be unlocked. My service is through NTelos. They're a smaller carrier. Any advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance. 😃
    2012-07-18 12:50 AM
  2. Explosive's Avatar
    You do NOT need to be unlocked to jailbreak, you just have to have an ACTIVATED phone to jailbreak. And activated phone is a phone where you can go direction to your home screen after your slide to unlock screen.

    Once you have an activated device, follow the jailbreaking guide. If you would like to UNLOCK the phone to use on another carrier, your only option right now is to call your carrier or use a turbo sim such as a GPP sim or Gevey sim.
    2012-07-18 12:57 AM