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    Hey Guys ,

    I just wanted to let you know that we now Offer at Quebec Unlock \]p0factory unlock solution now exists to unlock Telus or Koodo iPhones 4 or 4s Only .The service Takes 24 hours and as I said its a factory unlock not a software or any of that temporary unlocking solutions.
    I run the service for 74.99$ -> 1-24 hours delivery time. normally done in 6-12
    Also I have AT&T for 79.99 -> 1-24 hours delivery time.

    I was told soon there should be a solution for iPhones Locked to Bell , Lets Hope for Rogers and Fido
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    i found someone who wanted to exchange his Telus iphone with a Rogers iPhone . Although i have advices him that a unlocking exist , he wanted to exchange .
    So i did the exchange and unlocked it amazing . went from 350$ value phone to a 550$ value phone lol

    Factory Unlock Telus or Koodo Only-photo-3-.jpg
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