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  1. mayrooni's Avatar
    i am new to this, i just got an iphone from ebay. they claimed it to be unlocked. when i put my tmobile sim card in, it just searches for about 10 minutes, then nothing. cydia is installed on the phone version 1.1.6 and i have 5.1.1 running on my phone. how can i fix this problem?
    i am very new to this, so i would need some details on what/how to fix it.

    2012-07-29 03:31 PM
  2. H4CK3R's Avatar
    They could have lied you know, what baseband are you currently on?
    2012-07-29 05:08 PM
  3. mayrooni's Avatar
    how can i find that out?
    2012-07-29 05:17 PM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    Settings general about. And what ya modern firmware say
    2012-07-29 05:46 PM
  5. mayrooni's Avatar
    2012-07-29 08:50 PM
  6. i.Annie's Avatar
    It is not unlocked then with that baseband. It is also not factory unlocked since you say it's not working. Edit: I assume it's a 3GS since 3G can't go up to 5.1.1.

    Could you check the serial number of your device in the same place you found the modem firmware version? Give us the first 5 digits.
    2012-07-29 08:51 PM
  7. mayrooni's Avatar
    how can you tell that it has not been unlocked? i have had trouble with this seller not fully disclosing issues with this phone, so i would like to know how one can tell so i can add this this to the claim.

    2012-07-29 09:27 PM
  8. i.Annie's Avatar
    Because that baseband can't be unlocked by software means.

    I was asking for the serial number bc if I know what it is I can tell you whether it can be unlocked and how to unlock it.
    2012-07-29 11:50 PM
  9. mayrooni's Avatar

    so this phone is not able to be unlocked?
    2012-07-29 11:54 PM
  10. i.Annie's Avatar
    That's the serial number?

    If so, it can be unlocked. It was manufactured the second week of 2011, it is unlockable via software tool Ultrasn0w. The device is already jailbroken so the process should be relatively simple. It's up to you whether you would like me to walk you through unlocking the device yourself or if you still want to file a claim with the seller and return it.

    Edit: Just a note, that baseband/modem firmware it is on right now, it's not unlockable. There are a series of steps we must take to upgrade and downgrade the baseband/modem firmware before the device can be unlocked with Ultrasn0w.
    2012-07-30 12:02 AM