1. ScottLang's Avatar
    Hey guys, before i get yelled at, in my defense, I really did search before setting up this account and posting this. However, I got very overwhelmed.

    I currently have tmobile and Im thinking of switching to ATT or Verizon around christmas when the iPhone 5 comes out. However, in the meantime I came across a really good deal from someone on a 4s that Im going to give to my son for his birthday this weekend.

    I had an iPhone 2g when it first came out that I unlocked and used on tzones for a long time. Then eventually just went with the 4g androids. So I know things have changed, and when I searched the internet, it seems there are so many ways to do this now, fake sims, factory unlock, etc etc.. and Im not sure which are legit and which are not?

    So my question is simple, how do I unlock an iPhone 4s (currently jailbroken and ATT) to use on tmobile? I know Ill either need to cut or get a new sim to fit, but other than that. I just want to unlock it so it will work. I know the speed will be slow on Edge, but its for my son and its only temporary until later in the year when we move to ATT.

    thank you ahead of time.
    2012-07-31 05:31 PM
  2. EVO's Avatar
    The only way to unlock the 4s is to purchase a gevey ultra s sim from applenberry.com

    Or you can purchase an IMEI unlock from a reputable online service but that will cost you an arm and leg
    2012-07-31 07:06 PM