1. zeeyo987's Avatar
    So sprint 4s is unlocked using gevey I wanted vvm for telcel to work everything else does

    I patched commcenter with a repo and edited my carrier.plist to the telcel bundle settings but I don't see the vvm being added to my apn settings in cellular data. I feel like the apn settings of the edited file arnt being loaded. Should I delete all carrier bundles, they are still there for every carrier? Im lost please help...
    2012-08-03 01:42 AM
  2. zeeyo987's Avatar
    so i see that the gevey unlock is using the unknown carrier bundle, not the carrier bundle (generic one) or sprint. i edited the unknown file so that everything shows up internet tethering / mms / internet but vvm still dosent, for some reason this array dosent show up, any way to get the gevey to use the generic carrier bundle file?
    2012-08-03 03:46 AM