1. collision10's Avatar
    ok so . I have been wanting to get an iphone4S on the straight talk network. So i by this phone from a guy on CL says its brand new never been activated i figure what a deal. Now its a paperweight. I cant figure out how to activate. I dont have the at&t micro sim . Can someone help me on my journey . Please. I tried absyinthe and it doesnt recognize my device. I was considering a rebel card but I dont know what will work . ANd before I waste any more funds I was hoping for some solid advice from a pro thats been through this chaos already.
    2012-09-04 02:19 AM
  2. nnh1972's Avatar
    get some one unlock it first and cut yours sim !!
    2012-09-04 02:22 AM
  3. collision10's Avatar
    Will any AT&T mini sim work or does it have to be the owners? It's brand new iTunes says insert sim and it won't even go past the welcome language sections.
    2012-09-04 03:51 AM
  4. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Any sim from the carrier it is locked to will work, doesn't have to be an active account. I've benn using the same dead AT&T sim for a couple years, no issues.
    You can also have it factory unlocked for about $20.00, options....

    I also use this for cutting sim if I need to.
    Amazon.com: Micro SIM Cutter, Converter with 2 SIM adapters: Computers & Accessories
    2012-09-04 04:14 AM