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    Having some issues trying to unlock my iPhone 4. I contacted AT&T and got the email. I restored my phone but no confirmation popped up. Checked the settings and still have AT&T 12.0 in the Carrier. I also tried it with a t-mobile micro sim and got no service. I called them back and they said everything is done on their end. So the tech sent in another request just to make sure. I called them back a few days later and they tell me that its good to go. Same results, no confirmation and still AT&T 12.0 in the Carrier. They tell me to call Apple. I call Apple and they tell me AT&T did something wrong and they cannot do anything regarding unlocking the iPhone. So I head to the Apple store and asked if they can help. The Apple guy says he can check the serial and the IMEI to see if its unlock. He comes back and says its unlocked and does not know what else he can do. So i head to t-mobile and it turns out the sim card wasnt activated. T-mobile gives me a new sim card but No Service. I come home and restore it, activate it, insert the t-mobile sim and get the same results.

    Has anyone heard of this situation? I've tried SAM just for giggles but same results besides it allowing me to access the iPhone through iTunes w/ the tmobile sim card.
    2012-09-19 02:51 AM
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    Try activating the phone with the T-Mobile sim.
    2012-09-19 02:55 AM
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    I've tried, i get this from iTunes
    Attached Thumbnails Apple says iPhone 4 is unlock but doesnt work. AT&T Off contact unlock-screen-shot-2012-09-18-4.57.57-pm.png  
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    2012-09-19 02:58 AM
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    I called Apple told them my situation. They again told me that they cant do anything but are willing to call AT&T and discuss the issue on a 3 way. After connecting with AT&T the apple guy left. AT&T checks my IMEI and says its unlock. Now that I've done the procedures correctly, only reason behind this is because maybe the iPhone has damage is what he said. I was ready to rip it open to check for any loose or damage parts but got lazy.

    So I tried it one last time and it work...Got the confirmation and t-mobile is up and running on the iPhone...maybe the Apple guy had something to do with it.
    2012-09-19 07:35 AM