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    Hello, I'm an ATT customer, and have been for about 13 years. I live near the border, and I use my cell phone more in Mexico, so I got an iPhone 4 from Telcel. I had been able to use a Gevey chip to use this iPhone on ATT when I'm in the US, but I think I busted it, and can't get it to work now.

    I've known about ATT unlocking their customers iPhones if they are off-contract, so I thought I'd give it a try, knowing the I would be rejected since my iPhone is locked to Telcel, a carrier in Mexico. ATT knows I use an iPhone on my account since they forced the data plan on me. They don't know it's not from ATT, well at least I thought they didn't know.

    I submitted the online request, and 6 days later I got an email saying:

    Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your iPhone.
    We have reviewed your request and confirmed that you are eligible to have the requested iPhone unlocked.
    Please allow 24 hours upon receipt of this notification to complete the unlock.

    I'm supposed to backup the iphone and restore it. I'm afraid that if I do this, the baseband will be updated, and I'll lose any ability to use a Gevey chip in the future. Does anyone here think I'll be successful?
    2012-09-27 08:09 PM
  2. daytonaviolet's Avatar
    if you want.. type in your IEMI number and it will verify if your unlocked or not. if it says your unlocked, then you should not worry about any baseband changes. here are two FREE IMEI checkers.

    iPhone IMEI Checker with SIMLock Status

    Free iPhone IMEI Checker with Free Simlock Status Check Only by IMEI
    2012-09-27 08:18 PM
  3. jnoriega23's Avatar
    I tried the first link, and the server was down for the SIM Lock status. On the second link, it said it was Locked. Am I out of luck? ATT's email said I should wait 24 hours to complete the unlock.

    Anyways, does restoring an iPhone on iTunes actually update/upgrade the iOS???
    2012-09-27 08:34 PM
  4. daytonaviolet's Avatar
    yeah give it some time. if your do a restore from back up, the baseband shall not be updated.
    2012-09-27 08:36 PM