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    Hi everyone, I will apologize in advance right now because I am new to this forum and I'm sure that this question has probably been asked and answered several times before but i couldn't find anything specific to my situation or any definite answers. Here is the info about my phone.

    Device: iPhone 4
    Firmware: 4.3
    Phone to be unlocked?: yes, modem firmware: 04.10.01
    SHSH: NONE. used tiny umbrella, it said cydia doesn't have any SHSH blobs for any versions and i am too late.
    Phone is locked to Telus and I'm trying to unlock it and put it on a Rogers SIM card.

    Some threads I have read said that it's not possible to unlock my phone because of the baseband/modem firmware yet others I have read said the opposite.

    If possible I would like to upgrade my iOS from 4.3 to any 5.x or even iOS 6 if it is actually possible to jailbreak and/or unlock. I have been trying for hours to install custom ipsw 5.0.1 and have over come multiple error codes and it has now come to my attention that I do not have any shah blobs to stitch into the ipsw.

    Question: Is there any way for me unlock the iPhone on any firmware? if so how? preferably on an iOS 5.x and if so is it possible for me to get the iPhone to an iOS 5.x?

    Thank you for any and all replies!
    2012-10-07 12:30 AM
  2. goofball2k's Avatar
    Look on ebay for a Telus IMEI unlock ($65) or if you are a Telus customer, call Telus to have it done for $50.
    If you want to use Gevey Sim, you have that option as well.
    You can't upgrade to 6.0 if you wish to use Gevey Sim. If you do, then you have no choice but to get the IMEI unlock.
    You cannot upgrade to any iOS that you do not have the SHSH blobs for other than what Apple is signing at this time. For you, that is 6.0.
    2012-10-07 03:31 AM