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    I've bought a Gevey Ultra S and am trying to use it to unlock my iPhone 4S (locked to Tele2 Sweden) for use with Orange Poland. It's brand new, and came with 5.0.1, baseband 1.0.13. Cydia throws up "This device is in the pending TSS queue", and TinyUmbrella throws up 6.0 SHSHs for some reason (filename: 3660655502126-iphone4,1-6.0gm.shsh).

    This Gevey did not come with any SIM card of its own.

    When I insert my SIM card into my iPhone with the Gevey, when I enter the PIN number, after about 20 seconds the phone restarts to the "Activation required" screen, complaining that my carrier is unsupported. I've also tried going to my Phone options and running "Copy SIM" from there, but it doesn't help either.

    Any tips?
    2012-10-20 07:18 PM