1. Spyzz83's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    So I've just jailbroke my iPhone 3GS on iOS 6
    Installed Ultrasn0w fixer along with ultrasn0w, So everything's working fine I have signal and i can make calls HOWEVER..
    I can't send or receive text messages!
    When I send, it gives me an error, and when I receive an SMS, It's blank and comes from "Unknown"
    Please help.. Is anyone else investigating this issue?
    2012-10-21 12:38 AM
  2. daytonaviolet's Avatar
    what carrier? you may need to apply those carrier settings.
    2012-10-21 02:12 AM
  3. SenseiPhone's Avatar
    CMIIW, but it's a known bug in iOS, isn't it?
    Contact me to "factory unlock" any iPhone!
    2012-10-21 11:57 PM
  4. scott_donald's Avatar
    did you get a solution to this???

    i was about to update my phone...
    2012-10-25 12:42 AM
  5. BananaGrapes's Avatar
    I know it's a dead thread, but did anyone get a solution for this?
    2012-10-28 11:37 AM