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    I am trying to activate a wiped iphone 4. Like it right out of the box with the language selection, country, etc...
    I have a ATT SIM card but I can't seem to activate it. I have other phones that I activated with the same ATT SIM card.

    Error message is SIM card is not original for carrier, please use SIM card that came with phone.

    This phone has a strange baseband for Iphone 4. BB=04.12.02-ICE_2_13 Model=MC318LL/A - iPhone4

    Can I load a stitched firmware from another Iphone?

    Will I be able to unlock this iPhone?

    I don't have any ssh as I received it wiped.

    What are my options? I have all the software and firmware ready to go.

    thanks for your help.
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    2012-10-28 07:55 PM
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    Did you try it with a non prepaid plan no data plan SIM? If it is a 3G SIM with data included, then it should work with the IP4. Also, the SIM must be an AT&T SIM, looks like you are likely using IOS 6, which cannot be unlocked with any Gevy SIM or a software hack. The only unlock for this phone that is permanent and untethered is a factory or database unlock.
    2012-10-30 04:51 AM