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    I have an iPhone 4s which is locked on the German T-mobile.
    Now, I spend a year in India (I've already been here for a month). To listen to my music, and to take photos, I took it with me, and I left my original T-mobile sim at home in Germany, because I didn't think I would have to use it.

    Yesterday, my iPhone crashed and it didn't come back on so I had to reset it via DFU mode and software update. Now, the iPhone is asking me for activation, but I cannot do that since I don't have the actual sim with me.

    I have been looking around and the only thing that might help me is the GEVEY ULTRA S sim card, which is also available here. However, no one really seems to know if it would activate my iPhone without the original simcard, so here's my actual question:


    Will the GEVEY ULTRA S sim card activate (I don't care about unlock) my previously activated iPhone 4S, which is on iOS6 and factory settings WITHOUT the original T-mobile sim card?

    Or is there another way to get it activated again? Maybe through Apple / T-mobile support?

    I also have a backup on iCloud from two weeks ago, when the phone was still activated, but I don't seem to be able to access it.


    It would be great if anyone of you had an answer for me


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    2012-11-02 06:45 AM
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    So, I have found a couple of sources who say it's no issue, if I downgrade the iPhone first.
    Others say, that it wouldn't work without the official Sim-Card.
    Others say, that I would need another iPhone (which I have access to) with which I would have to program the Gevey card.

    2012-11-02 08:50 AM
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    There is no possible way to downgrade a 4s because they are not susceptible to the limera1n exploit. So source 1 is fail.
    2012-11-11 01:07 PM