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    I've had a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3gs for the past few years and am finally out of T-Mobile contract so I plan on getting a new iPhone5 with ATT. I'd like to sync the two, but I'm worried that the Cydia and redsn0w on my 3gs will somehow mess up the iPhone5. Is this a valid concern? Should I do anything in particular when syncing?

    To be clear, I'm really only interested in syncing iTunes library, images, apps, and contacts.

    2012-12-02 09:37 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Shouldn't run into a problem just did my wife's yesterday for her everything went perfect
    2012-12-02 10:00 PM
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    Just an FYI. I realize that you stated you ended your T-Mo contract and are considering moving to AT&T for the iPhone 5.

    T-Mo announced this week that starting next month they will be carrying the iPhone as they have been upgrading network to be compatible with the iPhone. I live in Arizona and have T-Mo new network is up and running here, love the speed and finally NO EDGE.
    T-Mo being the cheapest carrier out there and also has truly unlimited data, it may be cost effective to perhaps stay with T-Mo for this reason if the city you live in has begun the upgrade.
    Not a sales pitch by any means, just thought I would pass it along.
    Here is a coverage map that may help you decide.
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    2012-12-02 10:54 PM