1. anthonycam2's Avatar
    sorry - bit of a noob - i just bought iphone 4s so i'm at os 6. what does unlocking the phone do? it is the same as being able to jailbreak it? if i get it unlocked, can ii then get cydia? thanks for helping a noob out.
    2012-12-23 12:37 PM
  2. Sk37cH's Avatar
    Unlocking refers to: The unlocking of the phones babseband. This allows you to use a sim from another carrier, if your phone is locked to AT&T. You don't need this if you plan to use your current service provider.

    Jailbreaking refers to: Gaining root (administrator) access to your phones operating system, and associated files. This allows you to install apps from cydia. I think this is what you're after.

    There's only a tethered jailbreak for your device and firmware. So everytime you switch your phone off, you need to re-boot with redsnow. Not advisable if your new to this. Hope this helps. Thank you, and have a safe an happy holiday
    2012-12-23 12:45 PM
  3. anthonycam2's Avatar
    thx, that's what i thought, but i appreciate you letting me know... i guess i'm still waiting for the a5 j/b like everyone else
    2012-12-23 04:29 PM