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  1. CR125Honda's Avatar
    I've got an AT&T iPhone 4.
    Right now it's unlocked to my carrier (Cincinnati Bell) using the Gevey sim and Jailbroke with Cydia, etc.

    IOS is 5.1.1 / 4.10.01 FW

    Just went through the process to have it "Factory Unlocked", received the email that it's ready to be hooked up to iTunes to verify.


    Should I backup the phone, restore with a new 5.1.1 ISPW (to wipe all the Unlock and Jailbreak info) then hook it up to iTunes to get the Factory Unlock? Then Jailbreak to put SBS settings and a few JB apps back on?

    Should I update the IOS to the new 6.0.1 and the do the Factory Unlock? Then Jailbreak?

    Don't really know know much differences in the two ios's other than google maps vs apple maps..

    Thanks for your thought's, Ken
    2012-12-26 06:29 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    This thread should help you, makes it much easier.
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    2012-12-26 06:45 PM
  3. CR125Honda's Avatar
    Thanks, The link did help.

    Not sure what happened but I left the phone software / ios the way it was, removed the Gevey sim and hooked it up to it iTunes.
    I was going to do a backup and restore to 5.1.1 but didn't need to.
    Somewhere during that process, I disconnected the phone and it was getting a signal for my provider (Cincinnati Bell).
    Been working fine ever since so I'm assuming the Factory Unlock went through.

    Regards, Ken
    2012-12-27 12:45 PM