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    I have read through many of the posts on the forum but haven't found anything that matches my issue precisely.

    I have an iPhone 3GS, which was locked to a Swedish sim-card carrier. I decided to unlock it in Sri Lanka (where I live now) through a non-factory unlock. During the unlock however, the software was downgraded to 4.1 from 6.0, which means I can't install any apps.

    When I tried to upgrade iOS to 6.0 again, the phone could not be activated after the upgrade. So I gave it back and now I am back with a working phone with iOS 4.1 which I can't upgrade.

    I should of course have made a factory unlock through my operator in Sweden (as the subscription period has expired and they can do it on distance). Now, according to them, they can't factory unlock it since I don't have the latest version of iOS.

    Is there any solution to this? I of course want to be able to download apps, which will require an iOS upgrade. Thanks for any help.

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    2012-12-29 06:07 AM