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    So i bought one in september from a guy on ebay and didnt work. was super busy with school and work, and my gf broke up with me. anyways i had enough to deal with and didnt have time to worry about it then (or about my grammar). Been using gevey simcard, but its been acting up a lot recently ( lost service/ bad reception). So, anyway to check if it is indeed unlocked and just needs a factory reset, cause i cant risk it and screw up gevey simcard unlock. Maybe this guy scammed me or maybe my phone is blacklisted? But ill give it another go and buy another unlock i guess. recommendations?

    info from few months ago:

    IMEI : 012424009924828

    Unlock code: IMEI: 012424009924828
    Device: IPHONE 4 32GB BLACK
    Version: 5.1.1
    Serial: 870361NYA4T
    Country: US
    Carrier: UK TMobile Orange
    SIM locked: Yes
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    Do you know what is the original carrier the phone lock to?
    2013-02-19 06:55 PM