1. IiTz ShAnE's Avatar
    Hello all. I have a 3GS with the new boot rom. It originally had iOS 4.1 installed on it and was locked to Vodafone UK. I updated straight to iOS 6.1 with BB 05.13.04 with snowbreeze and installed ultrasn0w which got me signal on the phone with an orange sim which is what I need.

    But I can't make or receive calls and texts. Data works though. I thought maybe its a problem with 6.1 so I went back to 4.1 ran redsn0w and installed ultrasn0w again and the same thing. I then went back to 6.1 with the iPad BB and got the exact same results. Its not back on 4.1 with BB 05.13.04 and I need help.

    I've tried the disabling 3G, reset network settings etc and still nothing.

    Help is greatly appreciated.
    2013-02-17 12:59 AM