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    So, i just got the new evasi0n jailbreak for my 6.1.1 software, i got cydia, everything ran fine, but i installed a bad software(beautiful lockscreens) and it crashed my winterboard/springboard, and when i try to boot it, it just stays on the apple logo. When i do DFU mode, i hook it up to my computer, and when i try to restore, a different error code pops up everytime. I also can't access my last backup! Its not a ispw file, its just a normal file! Please help!

    So i just rebooted again, it recognized my device and asked if i wanted to import pictures.....still on the apple logo screen
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    2013-03-05 04:54 AM
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    Post the error codes. Those numbers tell us why it isn't restoring.

    If your computer recognizes the device and you can SSH into the device, remove the program you installed in Cydia. This should allow you to get out of the boot loop. If you cannot do this, then again, post the error codes you receive when you restore.
    2013-03-05 09:59 AM