1. TeamEdward's Avatar
    I would really love to get on Virgin Mobile's Beyond Talk plan. Does anybody have any info on this? Anybody use it? I have an unlocked AT&T iPhone 5. Wondering if I can make it work. Thanks in advance.
    2013-03-12 09:53 AM
  2. TeamEdward's Avatar
    Bumpity. Anyone using Virgin?
    2013-03-14 04:53 PM
  3. GabeBlack's Avatar
    Virgin uses CDMA phones, no sim card, therefore don't think you can make it work. You can buy an iPhone directly from Virgin and I think you come out better in the long run.

    Use T-Mobile instead.
    2013-03-14 04:57 PM
  4. haissk's Avatar
    I use SimpleMobile and its good i get around 4MBPS download speed in my area and its only $50 monthly(Unlimited Talk/Text/Data 2GB at max 3G speed)
    2013-03-15 02:31 PM
  5. TeamEdward's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses guys. As far as T-Mobile, well, I currently have an AT&T plan and I haven't found any T-Mobile plans that are all that much cheaper. So there's really no point to switch to them. That said, I haven't explored T-mobile's prepaid plans. I haven't heard of SimpleMobile, but the pricing sounds great. Exactly what I'm looking for. But I live in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and there aren't very many cell companies that operate here. We have Verizon and AT&T and that's about it.

    I sure would love to find a service plan with unlimited talk/text/data for around $50 instead of the $100 I'm paying now.
    2013-03-15 07:56 PM